Subversion 1.0.1 unusable

Jean-Baptiste Quenot jb.quenot at
Fri Mar 26 01:01:15 PST 2004

* Lev Serebryakov:

> > Is  it  a  problem  with  Berkeley DB  being  incompatible  with  my
> > repository?  How to know with BDB version to use with repository?
> Try `file', but,  may be, it didn't distinguish  between different 4.x
> versions.  When  you created this  repo, which version  was used? 4.0,
> 4.1 or 4.2?

Do you mean the `file' protocol?

$ svnadmin dump /usr/local/var/svn
svn: Berkeley DB error while opening environment for filesystem /usr/local/var/svn/db:
Invalid argument

It has been created with db4-4.0.14_1,1, so I reinstalled Apache with
this dependency, but it does not solve the problem.

If I create a new repository, it works as expected, but the old one is
no more usable.


$ portversion -Rv 'subversion*'
apache-2.0.49               =  up-to-date with port
expat-1.95.7                =  up-to-date with port
neon-0.24.3_2               =  up-to-date with port
openssl-0.9.7d              =  up-to-date with port
perl-5.6.1_15               =  up-to-date with port
subversion-1.0.1            =  up-to-date with port

If I want to revert to subversion-1.0, how to do?  Is it possible to
check out a port with a given date via CVS?

Please help!
Jean-Baptiste Quenot

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