installing ifc at the moment (version conflict)

Dr. Richard E. Hawkins hawk at
Thu Mar 25 12:50:55 PST 2004

On Wed, Mar 24, 2004 at 05:59:37PM +0100, Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Mar 2004 11:33:17 -0500
> "Dr. Richard E. Hawkins" <hawk at> wrote:

> > Is there currently a way to get ifc to install?

> > The port is for 8.0.039, but intel's site has 8.0.039_pe043.

> > I've tried adding the suffix in the port and running with NO_CHECKSUM=yes,
> > but I get 

> I assume ifc v8 needs to be handled the same as icc v8, so _pe043 is an
> incremental patch to 039. Have a look at the lang/icc port, how we
> handle this there.

Hmm, more poking seems to find the problem.

The regular file listing doesn't have the base compiler; I was trying to
just use the patch.  

I found another listing after stepping through a couple of menus (boy is
that a horribly organized website!) that produced a compiler file for

So now I have l_fc_pc_8.0.039.tar.gz and l_fc_pc_8.0.039_pe043.tar.gz.
I edited the Make file so that 

#PATCHLEVEL=    ${PORTVERSION:C/(.+p)(.+)$/pe\2/}
PATCHLEVEL=     pe043

This installed the patched version (with the help of NO_CHECKSUM).

I'm guessing that there's a cleaner way to do this  . . .

AFter a bit more mucking about, I've found that I have to change the
extension from f95 to f90 for ifort to recognize it.

Finally, a running compiler.  And then: *wham*.

slytherin ttyp1:dpt>ifort dphs1.f90 
/usr/local/intel_fc_80/lib/libifcore.a(for_diags.o): In function
for_diags.o(.text+0x967): undefined reference to `freopen64'
/usr/local/intel_fc_80/lib/libifcore.a(for_open_proc.o): In function
for_open_proc.o(.text+0x1619): undefined reference to `lseek64'
for_open_proc.o(.text+0x16b9): undefined reference to `lseek64'

and so forth.  I'm guessing that this is some kind of library mismatch.

The only dependency seems to be an extraction dependency upon a file from
rpm2cpio--doesn't this mean that it should only be depending upon its
own files (or base system file) to function?

hawk, baffled

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