cvs commit: ports/devel/libvanessa_adt Makefile pkg-plist ports/devel/libvanessa_adt/files

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at
Wed Mar 24 20:37:08 PST 2004

Michael Nottebrock wrote:

>>So far I followed the former discussions, but I can't remember an example
>>where something *really* uses the .la files.
> Yes, although I keep repeating it, nobody seems to ever remember: KDE _really_ 
> uses them, as it _really_ uses lt_dlopen(). Also third party KDE applications 
> will use them (if they happen to load modules or plugins - a simple 
> preferences dialog can be such a module for example), since they use kdelibs 
> which in turn use lt_dlopen().

Ehm, yes, but this is a case for modules or plugins, which should be easily
coordinated (since they won't be loaded otherwise).

> [...]
> However, I would already be totally happy if we could just add a paragraph to 
> the porter's handbook that says
> "If a port maintainer requests that your port SHOULD install libtool archives 
> because another port needs them, you shall comply with his request."
> To me, this seems like a workable and fair compromise and it would be a nice 
> thing to point to if anybody feels like beating the dead horse again. We 
> wouldn't even need to change portlint's warnings that way. Sound good?

I think this is self-evident, but if you want to state it explicit that's fine
with me. Maybe not in RFC-style, though ;) A comment in the Makefile or packing
list, stating which ports are clients of the .la files may be a nice addition.


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