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On Wed, Mar 24, 2004 at 02:09:39PM -0500, Vivek Khera wrote:
> I've seen this question asked before, but either I missed the response 
> or there was none...
> Is an upgrade to the perl in ports to version 5.8.3 in the works?  It 
> seems that FreeBSD is lagging behind other systems in having a 
> convenient package of this available.
> In particular, RT <> pretty much requires 
> 5.8.3 to operate properly.
> Is there any benefit of using the port/package for perl now that 5.x 
> doesn't have any perl in the base system anyway?  Ie, the incentive to 
> have the port fix up the links so that the system installed perl won't 
> be used by accident is pretty much gone.  The only drawback is that any 
> port requiring perl will have no place in which to register that 
> dependency.
> What are others doing who need the updated perl?  I'm trying to decide 
> to wait a bit longer for the port or just go ahead and install 5.8.3 
> from source.

Update your port !

Extract from ports/UPDATING


  AFFECTS: 5.2-CURRENT users who started with a 5.2-RELEASE or older.

  Change the default version of perl to 5.8.

  1) Force perl-5.6.1 to be upgraded with perl-5.8.
        portupgrade -o lang/perl5.8 -f perl-5.6.1_15

  2) Update all p5-* modules.
        portupgrade -f p5-\*


So, now, use lang/perl5.8 instead of lang/perl5 (and every things that
needs perl wil use it.)

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