perl 5.8.3 in ports

Vivek Khera khera at
Wed Mar 24 11:09:40 PST 2004

I've seen this question asked before, but either I missed the response 
or there was none...

Is an upgrade to the perl in ports to version 5.8.3 in the works?  It 
seems that FreeBSD is lagging behind other systems in having a 
convenient package of this available.

In particular, RT <> pretty much requires 
5.8.3 to operate properly.

Is there any benefit of using the port/package for perl now that 5.x 
doesn't have any perl in the base system anyway?  Ie, the incentive to 
have the port fix up the links so that the system installed perl won't 
be used by accident is pretty much gone.  The only drawback is that any 
port requiring perl will have no place in which to register that 

What are others doing who need the updated perl?  I'm trying to decide 
to wait a bit longer for the port or just go ahead and install 5.8.3 
from source.

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