cvs commit: ports/devel/libvanessa_adt Makefile pkg-plist ports/devel/libvanessa_adt/files

Mark Linimon linimon at
Tue Mar 23 12:24:27 PST 2004

In cvs-ports at (and Cc:ed to cvs-all at and
ports-committers at, Doug Barton <DougB at>
wrote in response to the above commit:

> > clement     2004/03/23 08:08:33 PST
> > 
> >   Log:
> >   - kill .la files

> I object to both of the stated purposes for this commit. First,
> it's been discussed to death that 1. .la files sometimes serve
> a useful purpose, and 2. deleting them does not serve a useful
> purpose.

Although it has indeed been discussed to death, it has never made
it into the Porter's Handbook.  Since you are familiar with the
rationale (I, personally, do not remember), could you possibly
summarize the purpose that they serve so that I can write up a PR
against the Handbook?  In that way, perhaps we can avoid further
iterations of this topic.  (I think we can all agree that that
would be a good thing?)

[I am including the following paragraph from the original only for
context, since the reply-to has been redirected; I don't have
anything I want to say about it -- mcl]

> Second, if a user has the port installed already, a bumped
> PORTREVISION would suggest to them that there is some benefit in
> deleting the existing port and reinstalling.  Here that is clearly
> not the case.

> I suggest that you avoid all such commits in the future.

This is the second email that I have seen in the past few weeks with
almost exactly the same wording.  While objecting to any commit is
certainly your right, I think you underestimate how demoralizing it
is to pick one of these messages out of your mbox.

I would prefer if we could keep our criticism on the constructive
side.  Thanks.


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