net/vnc port - Alpha compile testing

Greg Lewis glewis at
Tue Mar 23 10:38:11 PST 2004

On Mon, Mar 22, 2004 at 05:49:48PM +0000, James Raftery wrote:
> The net/vnc port doesn't compile on non-i386 machines. I don't have
> access to non-i386 machines to test fixes. I would be very grateful if
> anybody with some spare time and a FreeBSD Alpha would attempt to 'make
> build' the net/vnc port after dropping the following two patches into
> the files directory:
> The output from the build and a 'uname -a' would be fantastic.

With these patches I tried to build on 4.9/alpha.  The build thinks its
completed successfully, but I really don't think it has.

The warning:


is given throughout the build (this is specific to 4.x, no such problem
with the compiler for 5.x/alpha).

The build finishes with:

rm -f libvnc.a
ar clq libvnc.a init.o sockets.o kbdptr.o cmap.o draw.o cutpaste.o        dispcur.o sprite.o rfbserver.o translate.o httpd.o auth.o        rre.o corre.o stats.o hextile.o zrle.o buildtime.o
ranlib libvnc.a
c++ -o Xvnc -O2 -ansi -pedantic -Dasm=__asm     -L../../exports/lib  dix/libdix.a os/libos.a ../../lib/Xau/libXau.a ../../lib/Xdmcp/libXdmcp.a ../../exports/lib/libfont.a  hw/vnc/libvnc.a ../../../rdr/librdr.a ../../../rfb/librfb.a -lz cfb/libcfb.a cfb16/libcfb.a cfb24/libcfb.a cfb32/libcfb.a mfb/libmfb.a dix/libxpstubs.a mi/libmi.a Xext/libext.a                                 -lm  -ldbm   -Wl,-R,/usr/lib
/usr/libexec/elf/ld: cannot find -ldbm
*** Error code 1 (continuing)
`all' not remade because of errors.

Mon Mar 22 22:11:17 MST 2004

Full build of Release 6.3 of the X Window System complete.

Which to me looks like its not correctly figuring out that it failed.  I
believe the dbm functions are in libc.

I'll send you the full output separately.

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