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Adam Weinberger adamw at FreeBSD.org
Mon Mar 22 16:52:22 PST 2004

>> (03.22.2004 @ 1958 PST): Jason Dusek said, in 0.4K: <<
> Hi All,
> Is there anyway to get a 'status bar' or 'percent complete' on 
> portupgrade?  It seems to go for an awfully long time when I run it as
> # portupgrade -Rra
> and I would like to know when it will be done.
>> end of "Portsupgrade Status Bar" from Jason Dusek <<

Hrmmn. Well, you can get a count of how many ports will be updated by:
# portupgrade -n --all 2>/dev/null|grep Upgrading|wc -l
(note that -Rr is superfluous when you're just using -a)

Then, I suppose that you could use a * glob in AFTERINSTALL in
pkgtools.conf to increment something, or add a line to a file and
compare its length, or something like that.

IOW, not really. But the first command minus the wc
# portupgrade -n --all 2>/dev/null|grep Upgrading
will give you a picture of how many -- and which -- ports are going to
be updated.

Alternatively, you could just portupgrade more often ;;)

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