qmail-scanner really out of date

Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at chello.cz
Mon Mar 22 11:00:23 PST 2004

# dislists at updegrove.net / 2004-03-22 10:19:22 -0800:

> Two more requests.  Can we NOT hard code this?
> +QMAILSCAN_NOTIFY?=	psender,recips
> Instead, please make it an option along with:
> CONFIGURE_ARGS+=    --archive yes
> .endif

    Jumping in from the middle of nowhere, stepping on everyone's toes:

    "?=" (notice the question mark) is "conditional assignment", IOW,

    QMAILSCAN_NOTIFY?=	psender,recips

    is the same as

    .if !defined(QMAILSCAN_NOTIFY)
    QMAILSCAN_NOTIFY=	psender,recips

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