Building Heimal without using ports

Robert Fitzpatrick robert at
Sat Mar 20 13:57:53 PST 2004

> Still doesn't explain why your attempt to install using 
> WITH_LDAP didn't work.  Could you try doing a 'make clean' 
> and then rebuild the port from scratch using WITH_LDAP?

Man, I did everything :-(  I 'make clean'd twice one time because I read
somebody else did that. I did deinstall and reinstall, and even deinstall
and 'make all install'. I have the openldap-2.1.27 portupgrade installed
now. Do you think if I start all over with OpenLDAP and all, it may work. I
guess that's what I'll try. Maybe there is something it doesn't like about
my installation of LDAP. But like in my previous post, all of the packages
have been portupgrade'd, do I go back into the original dir under /usr/ports
for each and rebuild and re-portupgrade? Or did portupgrade download the
upgraded versions for me to work with?


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