Building Heimal without using ports

Robert Fitzpatrick robert at
Sat Mar 20 07:25:28 PST 2004

Well, I have sent two posts to the FreeBSD questions list, one to the
ports list, one to Heimdal and one to OpenLDAP and copied the port
maintainer on the last one to the FreeBSD questions list. No help on how
to get LDAP backend support built in to Heimdal using the port
security/heimdal. So, I guess I will go ahead and build it separate this
weekend. I just would like to know what this means as far as portupgrade
in the future. I assume I will not be able to use that feature for this
package if I build and install my own downloaded package? Or should I
look at the port Makefile and try to build in the same fashion using
prefix=/usr, etc? This is a shame since the ports collections and
portupgrade is one of my favorite things about FreeBSD and certainly
make things easy on you.


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