vim ignoring configure options

Craig Boston craig at
Fri Mar 19 17:03:12 PST 2004


On a couple of my machines the vim port seems to be ignoring all the configure 
options.  For example, I install vim-lite on everything but recent builds are 
getting linked against X11, building gvim, etc.

The problem seems to have been introduced with the addition of 
GNU_CONFIGURE=YES into the port makefile about 3 weeks ago.  Previously it 
looks like the configure script was being run by the vim makefile during the 
build stage.  Now it's being run during the configure stage, and all of the 
options set in MAKE_ARGS are being ignored.

I reverted back to 1.246 of the port makefile as a local workaround.  Anyone 
else noticing this?


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