static library dependencies

Rolandas Naujikas rolnas at
Fri Mar 19 14:05:50 PST 2004


There I found problem with static library dependencies. Mostly those
library is defined in BUILD_DEPENDS, but the code itself are using in
runtime, but with only difference, compiled staticly. If there in ports
will be new version of such library, then I should rebuild. But there
situation with BUILD_DEPENDS, those only used for building (like gmake
or libtool). If those change, I doen't need to rebuild, because nothing
really from them change (not always).

When I should rebuild package ? If RUN_DEPENDS change, then should, but
if BUILD_DEPENDS change, then (?).

The example can be vpopmail static library and courier-imap (with
vpopmail option).

Rolandas Naujikas

P.S. I have developped automatic binary packages building software, that
differ from portupgrade, that packages are built in safe chroot
environments (and sometime in jails). After I can quickly upgrade many
hosts even without ports tree. Those are shell scripts pkg_build and
pkg_update on

P.S. Sorry for my english.

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