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Simon Barner barner at
Fri Mar 19 06:58:38 PST 2004


>   I wanted to install kdeaddons-kfile-plugins-3.2.1 but there was no 
> entry for that in my /usr/ports/.... directory. So i decided to find the 
> port in the net and install it this way.

This program _is_ in the ports collection:

make search name=kdeaddons-kfile
Port:   kdeaddons-kfile-plugins-3.2.1
Path:   /usr/ports/misc/kfile-plugins
Info:   Plugins for Konqueror (in filemanager mode)
Maint:  kde at
Index:  misc kde

Perhaps you'll need to update your ports collection. In case you don't
know how to do that, here[1] is a description.

Once your ports are up to date, installing kfile-plugins should work
straight forward:

# cd /usr/ports/misc/kfile-plugins
# make install clean


[1] file:///usr/share/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/ports-using.html
    (-> 4.5.1, CVSup method)
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