getting ports

Fri Mar 19 06:40:56 PST 2004

Hello there
i would like to make a question if it is no problem.

   I wanted to install kdeaddons-kfile-plugins-3.2.1 but there was no 
entry for that in my /usr/ports/.... directory. So i decided to find the 
port in the net and install it this way.
   I found  a package with that name and downloaded it. When I run 
'pkg_add kdeaddons......' the  system was searching for a lot of other 
packages i didn't have installed and so the installation didn't finish.
   So I wonder if there is a way that i can get the directory that i 
should add to /usr/ports/misc/ and then simply run 'make install' so the 
system will fetche all the dependencies and finish  the installation.

thanks a lot

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