I believe lang/icc* are not open-source nor 'free', right?

Michael Nottebrock michaelnottebrock at gmx.net
Fri Mar 19 04:23:06 PST 2004

On Friday 19 March 2004 05:58, Paul Seniura wrote:
> >On Thu, Mar 18, 2004 at 07:51:59PM -0600, Paul Seniura wrote:

> OTOH, allowing mplayer to use its original author's -O3
> setting made a *huge* difference For The Better on the Puny
> Pentium2 -- it's actually usable now.
> Same goes for KDE and its millions of modules with -O2.

With regard to to KDE I am very, VERY, V E R Y certain you're fooling yourself 

> But what about the public pkgs.
> Because of these -O tests on 'dumber' Ps, I have been on
> record on this list for wanting FBSD maintainers to stop
> editting the CFLAGS from the original author's settings.
> They likely have tested it with gcc on i386, we use gcc
> on i386, so the original settings ought to stay put.

Most authors don't test things like different optimizations at all, let alone 
gcc 2.x vs gcc 3.x, and different platforms ... don't even start. Experience 
clearly shows that CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS enforcement is necessary to reliably get 
packages built on a multiplatform project like FreeBSD.

> IMO it'd be better time spent in getting gcc up to par. ;)

I've not been too-big-a-fan of the whole icc effort myself in the past (and I 
still don't have the port installed, nor am I likely to be going to - the 
hoops you have to jump through to even get it are ridiculous IMHO), but for 
all I can tell your worries really are unreasonable - all of them.

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