Why No jsvc Jakarta Commons Daemon Port?

Bob Van Valzah Bob at VanValzah.Com
Thu Mar 18 15:12:54 PST 2004

It strikes me as odd that I can't find a FreeBSD port of the Jakarta
Commons Daemon for use with Tomcat.

I need to do virtual hosting for several web sites with Tomcat, so
operation on port 80 is a must.  Running Tomcat as root is not an option
from a security point of view.  Port forwarding with with IPFIREWALL is
not an option because I don't want to muck with the firewall every time
a site comes or goes.  I've played with mod_jk and mod_jk2, but it's
been a struggle to configure them and they didn't fare well under some
load testing I did.  So it seems like the commons daemon is the obvious
choice for me.

I know that the daemon source is installed as part of the Tomcat5 port,
but it's been a struggle to get it running and I'm not there yet.

Are my requirements and/or experiences that unusual?  Advice
appreciated.  I may submit a port if there's interest from others and no
good alternative.



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