Fwd: porting julian time lib.; fortran errors

clayton rollins crollins666 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 18 12:53:46 PST 2004

I tried mailing -questions on this, but received no replies.

I'm forwarding to -ports in a last ditch effort to get ideas
before I go and bug a nasa scientist (or, have to do my
homework on solaris). :) Apologies to any of you who
receive this mail on both lists.


Original message:

Hi List,

I'm having some trouble getting some third-party software
to compile on freebsd, and was hoping some fortran buff
out there had time to enlighten me. (I know no fortran.)

The specific software is the PDS Rings Node's Julian
Library, version 1.3.2.
(Note that ordering requires no personal information
or money, and goes through pretty fast.)

The errors I get when compiling initially are only in
one file, and are as follows:
fjulian.for: In function `fjul_parsedt':
           FJul_ParseDT = GJUL_PARSEDT(array1, array2, dutc, secs)
           1              2
Type disagreement between expressions at (1) and (2)
(happens 3x)

I'm not entirely code illiterate, and looking at the code
it would seem this is caused by the following lines:
integer*4 function FJul_ParseDT(string, pref, dutc, secs)
logical*4       GJul_ParseDT

Changing the two declarations to similar types caused
the first error to go away, however many undefined
reference errors are given during linking.

/tmp/cctHLBe5.o(.text+0x2d7): undefined reference to `fjul_taiofdutc__'

All of these errors seem to occur where the C code is to
link in to the fortran code, making me believe the
symbols generated by the two are incompatible
somehow. Seeing as how f77 and gcc are part of the
same general package, though, this seems unlikely.

Anyone have any ideas?


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