new function available on

Mark Linimon linimon at
Thu Mar 18 10:59:35 PST 2004

I have a beta version of a ports dependency tree browser available
for testing at

Enter a category and portname to see a (low-tech :-) ) rendition
of the dependency tree for the port.  Each dependency is shown as
a link that takes you to the overall description page for the port.
(However, the link is only shown once for each dependency, at the
level closest to the root, for clarity).

This is similar to pkg_tree, but works from the entire ports
hierarchy, not from just the currently installed set.  And, it
bypasses /usr/ports/INDEX and instead iterates over 'make depend'.
This means it's much slower, but since the tree is cvsupped once
an hour, it will also be much more accurate.

Asking for dependency trees for multiple ports will be too slow
to be useable, so bear that in mind when you enter a category
and portname: both fields use wildcard matching.


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