cmp3 port needs to upgrade?

Zhang Weiwu weiwuzhang at
Thu Mar 18 04:37:23 PST 2004

Hello. I have been using cmp3 for some time. It is a fontend to mpg123. The 
software is not very powerful but I like its way of using shared memory and 
keeping a child process running background. But the port is ages old.

The software's homepage has been removed long ago, the author's email is 
not being checked any more. A nice guy "kenrestivo" further developed cmp3, 
added support for ogg (very useful to me). Because the original auther is 
unreachable that time, he published his code on sourceforge 
( It seems the original auther (pandama) joined the 
project later. 

So I wish to update the port information, make change to let the port use 
the new code on sourceforge. If you think its okay please let me upgrad 
this port. Thank you. By the way I was not a porter, it is a chance to let 
me join porters:)

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