pdftk compiling problems on FreeBSD

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at fillmore-labs.com
Thu Mar 18 01:04:46 PST 2004

Patrick Dung wrote:

> Thank you.
> I am now making the files the the ports.
> It can now fetch the tarball from the pdftk website.
> I am fighting with the Makefile.
> Now I have encountered one problem. My machine is a FreeBSD 4.9.
> It does not have gcj and gcjh (gcc 3.x stuff). After installing the 
> gcc33 port, gcc33, g++33, gcj33, gcjh33 are created.
> The problem is that the Makefiles in the pdftk tarball hardcoded to use 
> the name of the binaries (e.g., g++, gcj, gcjh) instead of macros.
> The number of Makefiles is not small, I think I would be silly to make 
> many patch files for them.

Maybe something like


	@${FIND} ${WRKSRC} -type f -name Makefile | \
		${XARGS} ${REINPLACE_CMD} -Ee "s/[[:<:]]g\+\+/g\1${CXX}/g" \
		-e "s/[[:<:]]gc(c|jh?)[[:>:]]/gc\1${CC:S/^gcc//}/g" \;

will help? Otherwise using macros in the Makefiles seems like a good idea
to me.


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