pdftk compiling problems on FreeBSD

dkt at mail.hongkong.com dkt at mail.hongkong.com
Wed Mar 17 00:40:46 PST 2004


At the time when I post the first message in freebsd-ports, I cannot compile the pdftk on FreeBSD 4.9.
But after investigating for a while, I can now compile pdftk successfully.

This is my procedure:

FreeBSD 4.9 uses gcc 2.95.4 as system compiler.
So I install the gcc33 inorder to use the gcj.
# pkgadd -r gcc33
# cd /usr/local/bin/gcj33
# ln -s gcj33 gcj
# ln -s gcjh33 gcjh

Changes to Makefile.Base :
Change g++ to g++33

Create Makefile.FreeBSD :
# general-purpose options
CC_OPTS= -lgcj -O2 -I/usr/local/include -L/usr/local/lib -pthread -liconv -lz
# Not related, only g++ is used?
CC = gcc33
# Does not work as expected (I have to change g++ to g++33 in Makefile.Base)
CXX = g++33
include Makefile.Base

If -pthread is not added, it will have problem when compiling with the gcc3.3.x compiler.
Do the 'gmake -f Makefile.FreeBSD' and it compiles cleanly.
And the program works fine.

I hope someone can make the files the ports for FreeBSD...
I would like to try if I have time...

To Sid Steward:

Could you add one more 'new line' after executing pdftk?
It is because I have this output with pdftk:
Write a report on PDF document metadata and bookmarks to report.txt pdftk mydoc.pdf dump_data output report.txtmyfreebsd#

Also could pdftk accept password from console (prompt) ?Because, if the password is given in command line, other user may be able to see it or search through user's shell history.


> > Currently the pdftk tar does not seem to compile cleanly on my FreeBSD 4.9.
> Hello-
> Even though I run Debian, I have been able to troubleshoot compiling 
> problems for users on other platforms.
> Could you send me the pdftk compile output?  I'll see what I can do to help.
> Thanks-
> Sid Steward
> maintainer: pdftk
> P.S.  I had tried to post to the NG with my news reader, but I was not 
> allowed. 

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