FreeBSD Port: grace-5.1.14_ - clash between hdf and netcdf

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at
Mon Mar 15 19:33:05 PST 2004

Rob wrote:
> Stephen Montgomery-Smith wrote:
>> I remember having a similar problem with science/vis5d+.  I think that 
>> there is another port that also loads include and/or library files 
>> with the same names as the netcdf files.  I don't remember offhand 
>> which port that was.  I found that a solution was to delete the netcdf 
>> port, and then reinstall it.
> Yes, indeed, very good point.
> I found an overlap and apparent clash between hdf and netcdf:

Yes, I remember now, it was hdf.  The solution that has always worked for me is 
to install netcdf after hdf.  But probably someone should work harder to clean 
up this problem.

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