qt33 build failing due to uic sigsegv

Erik Greenwald erik at smluc.org
Sun Mar 14 04:27:38 PST 2004

On Sun, Mar 14, 2004 at 04:04:51AM -0800, Eric Wenger wrote:
> I cvsupped ports last week and then again yesterday;
> still seeing the same problem.  Any ideas?  I can't
> gett to the kde-freebsd mailing list from the link on
> the freebsd home page.  lists.csociety.org says they
> don't have it anymore.
> Eric

I've been seeing this for a bit, too... A quick gdb shows that the
nvidia libGL.so calls pthread_key_create() which causes the crash. I
tried other opengl programs and got the same stack trace. Out of
curiousity, are you using x11/nvidia-driver, and do other GL programs
work for you? and/or can you provide a gdb backtrace of the crash?

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