default OPTIONS aren't the default when BATCH is set

Edwin Groothuis edwin at
Thu Mar 11 17:04:57 PST 2004

On Fri, Mar 12, 2004 at 01:56:57AM +0100, Arjan van Leeuwen wrote:
> If I define the BATCH environment variable, I'd expect ports to choose their 
> default values for the OPTIONS they might have. 
> However, it seems like all options are simply set to 'off', thereby making 
> many of the ports that I upgraded lately unusable.
> For example, my own graphics/digikamplugins port builds nothing if all its 
> options are off.
> The multimedia/kdemultimedia3 package builds without the default mpeglib 
> package, which can give unexpected results when trying to run other KDE 
> programs that depend on this functionality.
> Apart from being a nuisance for me when updating, does this also mean that 
> packages built on by the FreeBSD package cluster are also built without there 
> default options? This will give very strange results when installing from 
> packages.

Already noticed in

    [patch] - PACKAGE_BUILDING doesn't honour OPTIONS


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