INDEX-5 update policy?

Gregory Bond gnb at
Wed Mar 10 16:04:04 PST 2004

[I'm not subscribed to ports@; please CC me]

I'm installing my first 5.x box and playing with portupgrade, and I've just 
spent half a day working out why "portupgrade -N firefox" wasn't working 
(while it works fine on the 4.x build box).

Firstly, it took a while to work out the INDEX-5 vs INDEX issue.  Then it was
clear that INDEX-5 is updated in CVS much less frequently than INDEX - by
looking at CVS logs, it seems only at release time.  I'm currently running a
"make index" but this takes hours...

What is the policy with INDEX-5?  Is relying on CVSup for this always going to 
be futile?

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