calling all audio ports maintainers -- ardour and jack

4Front Technologies dev at
Tue Mar 9 09:11:00 PST 2004

> You need to port ALSA to FreeBSD. 
> Maybe it is possible to write an OSS output driver for jack, but I think you
> still need the ALSA userspace library. 

There already is a OSS driver for Jack at:

All you really need to do is port it to FreeBSD - remove all the Linux'ish stuff 
and technically it should work with Jack.

We'll do the port next week or so if no one has had any success yet. The other 
thing is that Portaudio is supported in Jack and portaudio supports OSS API 
interfaces so that should be ok.

As for ardour, you probably have to rewrite all the linux/alsa dependancy stuff 
  and make it rely purely on Jack. After that everything should work.

We've got a project going on for Linux that allows us to run ALSA apps like 
Jack/etc on OSS drivers - see
It's not possible to port this to anything else but we're looking at doing some 
BSD License compatible ALSA library that should be able to "translate" ALSA apps 
to OSS.

This cuckoo project is purely to demonstrate to all people who think ALSA is 
superior but it's not really the case. OSS API is quite capable and since 
FreeBSD has the OSS API, there's no reason to think that the audio interface is 
  less capable than Linux's ALSA. If ALSA was really advanced, we would not be 
able to do a compatibility module in OSS.

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