irssi and perl 5.8.2 doesn't work

Mathieu Arnold mat at
Sun Mar 7 09:03:28 PST 2004

+- Le dimanche 7 mars 2004 18:02 +0100 Thomas Vogt a dit :
| Vanilla I. Shu wrote:
|> On Sun, Mar 07, 2004 at 05:25:58PM +0100, Thomas Vogt wrote:
|>> If I use perl 5.8 from ports irssi will link agains perl.
|>> irssi:
|>> => /usr/lib/ (0x2810d000)
|> I thing you binary link to 5.003's library.
|> how about rm /usr/lib/* (or rename it), and try again?.
| Hi
| Yes this fixed my irssi problem. thnx. Is it possible to remove the
| whole perl 5.003 from the freebsd 4.x without harm the main system?

Well, that's what I usually do on my 4.x boxes, you can safely remove this 
libperl, you may have some perl* binaries in /usr/bin, which you should 
remove too (don't remove /usr/bin/perl which should be a link to the real 

Mathieu Arnold

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