attempting to resucitate Lahey Fortran port

Dr. Richard E. Hawkins hawk at
Wed Mar 3 11:57:21 PST 2004

A couple of years ago, I submitted an installer for Lahey Fortran.  More
than a year later, messages were apparently sent to a by then defunct
email address, and the port closed.

I submitted a followup pr in October (apparently days after it had 
been closed), but haven't heard anything.

The problem seems tgo have been that:

>State-Changed-From-To: open->feedback 
>State-Changed-By: edwin 
>State-Changed-When: Fri Oct 3 17:53:05 PDT 2003 
>> MASTER_SITES=   # fetch manually  
>You don't tell us where to get it from. 

Which makes no sense for an installer for a commercial linux project.

Anyway, it's now developed a new problem on current, which makes no 
sense to me.  I don't know what this means (which will certainly stop me from fixing it :)

The port still installs, but after lf95 compiles, in the link state I get the message:

slytherin ttyp6:dpt>lf95 dpt1.f95
Encountered 0 errors, 0 warnings in file dpt1.f95.
/usr/bin/ld: unrecognised emulation mode: elf_i386
Supported emulations: elf_i386_fbsd

What does this mean/how do I fix it?

And how do I get the submission going again?


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