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Tue Mar 2 17:46:50 PST 2004

Hi List!

I am writing to the list 'cause i already wrote to the maintainer but i
didn't get any answer yet!

The thing is that I am planning to replace a current sendmail
installation with qmail, and my idea is to use also ldap to centralize
(the accounts) also for some other services such as news, jabber and
some web applications.

As i see qmail-ldap depends on openldap 2.0, which is deprecated and
will be removed (from the ports collection) on 2004-05-01, as i see from
net/openldap20-client; so, what is gonna happen with this, is there any
plans to  release a newer version of the port (qmail-ldap) with support
for a newer ldap version?, what can you recommend me? It is important
for me to know abou it because there are some other service that will
depend on the openldap version that i'd use.

Also, i wouldn't like to patch myself qmail to work with ldap, just not
to go out from the ports idea!

Any suggestion is welcome!


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