Advice on dealing with upgraded devel port?

Craig Boston craig at
Tue Mar 2 14:55:24 PST 2004

Hi, I'm a little new at port maintership, and I'd appreciate some tips on the 
best way to handle an upgrade to stable/devel ports.

The current situation is:

audio/audacity:    contains audacity 1.0.0 release (previous stable version)
audio/audacity-devel:    audacity 1.2.0pre3 (development version, was 
repocopied from audio/audacity before being changed to 1.2.0)

Now that 1.2.0 has been formally released, what is the best way to handle an 
upgrade such as this:

Remove audacity and repocopy the devel version to it before upgrading?
Keep the old one around somewhere in case somebody needs it for some odd 
Or just commit patches to upgrade audacity and remove the devel one 


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