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Wed Jun 30 10:44:34 PDT 2004

   Tickle Matchmaking

   We received your email addressed to greekgod0 at ticklemail.com.
   Unfortunately, your email address, ports at freebsd.org, is not a
   registered email address on Tickle Matchmaking.
   Please check that the email address from which you are sending this
   message is the same email address you registered with when you joined
   Tickle Matchmaking.
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   today and send unlimited emails. Plus, get compatibility scores with
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   This message was returned by Tickle Matchmaking to ports at freebsd.org


   1. http://web.tickle.com/forward?sid=1983&dest=/match/action/payment&supp=emsg1
   2. http://web.tickle.com/forward?sid=1983&test=match&supp=emsg1
   3. http://web.tickle.com/match/settings.jsp

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