portsdb: index generation error

Adam Weinberger adamw at FreeBSD.org
Wed Jun 30 08:52:01 PDT 2004

>> (06.30.2004 @ 1136 PST): David C. Snyder said, in 2.7K: <<
> For the past couple of weeks, I've been seeing errors like this when I
> try to update my ports index after doing a cvsup of the ports
> collection:
>    .29.12f: "/usr/ports/security/drwebd" non-existent -- dependency list incomplete
>    ===> security/drweb-postfix failed
>    ********************************************************************
>    Before reporting this error, verify that you are running a supported
>    version of FreeBSD (see http://www.FreeBSD.org/ports/) and that you
>    have a complete and up-to-date ports collection (INDEX builds are
>    not supported with partial or out-of-date ports collections).
>> end of "portsdb: index generation error" from David C. Snyder <<

Your ports collection is out-of-date. This problem was already fixed.
cvsup one more time and you'll be set.

If you've been unable to generate an INDEX for weeks, then you've got
another problem, because the error you're reporting was from a problem
created early yesterday morning.

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