Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at
Mon Jun 28 06:24:49 PDT 2004

Conrad J. Sabatier wrote:

[The original thread can be found on 

> I've run into the same sort of thing that originally sparked your 
> interest
> in this subject, too.  Wanting to upgrade any ports that depend on 
> "foo",
> thinking it should be only a handful, only to find that there were a 
> whole
> slew of ports indirectly dependent on "foo" as well that got included in
> portupgrade's list of ports to upgrade.
> That can be most annoying indeed.  I don't know if the matter has come 
> up
> for discussion before (probably has; just about any issue you can think 
> of
> relating to FreeBSD has been discussed before at some point).  :-)
> I'll Cc: this to the ports list and see what it generates.  You may want
> to tune in there.

To get a list of perl modules that depend on python do

   awk -F\| '$1 ~ /^p5/ && $9 ~ /python/ {print $1}' /usr/ports/INDEX

In these cases this is always induced by the dependency of libxml2 on 
python. Note that all these ports (in fact much more) run-depend on 
pkgconfig, which is a build tool used to determine C/C++ compiler flags 
for linking with shared libraries.


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