RFC: changing the default linux_base port

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at Leidinger.net
Mon Jun 28 05:20:27 PDT 2004


while porting net/skype I had to update to linux_base-8 to resolve the
necessary dependencies. No installed linux software (linux-netscape-4.8
and icc) stopped working (after installing the linux X11 libs). So it
seems we can use linux_base-8 as a drop in replacement for linux_base
(modulo some dependency shuffling in some linux ports).

Are there reasons to not change the actual default?

If/When we change the default, it would mean that we have perhaps
incomplete dependencies for a while -> some linux programs wouldn't run.
But I think we can resolve some of those issues with some help from
people at ports@ very quickly.

My long-term goal is to modernize the linux base to something more
recent. It would be nice if everyone could tell me what color you prefer
for this bikeshed (and who's interested in helping building it). I'm not
talking about which linux distro we should base our emulation on, I'm
talking about how to handle it. I favour a meta port approach. It's a
little bit more easy to keep up to date IMHO. I also think this is
beneficial from a security point of view.


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