FreeBSD Port: gnuplot-4.0.0

jamalpuri kishore jp_kishore at
Sun Jun 27 23:47:22 PDT 2004

hello sir,
             i am doing a project "Network Traffict monitoring " on C in linux environment.
            as part in my project i have to plot XY-line graph the co-ordinates come from linked list.
            i decided to use GNUPLOT-4.0.0
           i am new to linux.i am using linux(redhat 9.0,fedora)
           i dont know how to install gnuplot-4.0.0?
           i would very happy if u help me in this process.
          i read README but i didn't get any information regarding installation.
          i don't know what "make","configure" do in this?
         TELL me a step by step process to install GNUPLOT 4.0.0 and how to execute one simple program?
            thanks inadvance.    
                                                                    urs faithfully

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