Is someone working on upgrading mail/dspam to version 3.0.0?

Julien Gabel jpeg at
Fri Jun 25 12:52:46 PDT 2004

>> When your "new" mail/dspam-devel port version will be available, i will
>> try it and report ; especially the CGI part since i am using it.

> I'll send-pr today, as I'll be off-line for a few days. But I will
> disable CGI until is working properly.

Ok. Just to be more accurate than i was on a previous email, when you
eventually enable the CGI part, don't forget to move the entire 'cgi'
directory from the source tarball (i had to modify the location of some
image source since the cgi seems not to "see" them locally).

>> At the begining, i just put 'root', 'postfix' and 'cgiower' for the CGI
>> interface to be fonctional. But, and i don't know why at this time, it
>> seems really not possible to use _correctly_ the "trusted users"
>> mecanism. As soon as i did not put the username(s) in this file, if
>> someone send me an email, it get a *Undelivered Mail Returned to
>> Sender*, as follow:
>>   Command died with
>>     status 1: "/usr/local/bin/dspam --mode=teft --deliver=innocent
>>     --feature=chained,noise --user $USER -d %u". Command output:
>>     30096: [Fri Jun 25 20:07:23 2004] An untrusted user may not set
>>    the runtime target users
>> So if not putting the username work for you, i am very interested in
>> checking check our both configuration...

> mailbox_command = /var/tmp/dspam3/bin/dspam --mode=teft
> --deliver=innocent,spam --feature=chained,noise
> Yuu can aventually add -d %u, but it will work with it.

With or whithout the "-d %u" ; with or whithout the "corresponding"
entry in the /usr/local/etc/dspam/untrusted.mailer_args file, it seems
not working here... :-(


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