Is someone working on upgrading mail/dspam to version 3.0.0?

Julien Gabel jpeg at
Fri Jun 25 11:30:38 PDT 2004

>> Ok. I tested it for some days now, and it seems to be reasonably stable
>> for me. I did not have some patch for the proposed mail/dspam-devel
>> port, but here is what i noted in order to use it on my SMTP server
>> (running postfix).

> Many thanks; I have now a new version, with SQLite back-end in it.

>> # cd /usr/ports/mail/dspam-devel
>> # make showconfig
>> ===> The following configuration options are set for dspam-devel-3.0.0:
>> [...]
>>      CGI=off "Install CGI (pulls in apache)"
>> Although i will use the CGI, i did not enable it here since it just
>> want to install apache which is already installed on my system
>> (apache2).

> I will test / modify the port to depend on what apache is installed and
> pull in apache 1.x otherwise. This cgi part needs more testing anyway;
> I'll try to find some time for it, as I don't use it.

When your "new" mail/dspam-devel port version will be available, i will
try it and report ; especially the CGI part since i am using it.

>> An other point: i create a /usr/local/etc/dspam/untrusted.mailer_args
>> with "/usr/local/bin/procmail -d $u", but since it seems there is a
>> problem with rights - in order to be able to use it correctly - i need
>> to:
>>  - add each username in /usr/local/etc/dspam/trusted.users;

> Don't. This way you deny the logic of trusted users. root and postfix
> should be enough.

At the begining, i just put 'root', 'postfix' and 'cgiower' for the CGI
interface to be fonctional. But, and i don't know why at this time, it
seems really not possible to use _correctly_ the "trusted users"
mecanism. As soon as i did not put the username(s) in this file, if
someone send me an email, it get a *Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender*,
as follow:
  Command died with
    status 1: "/usr/local/bin/dspam --mode=teft --deliver=innocent
    --feature=chained,noise --user $USER -d %u". Command output:
    30096: [Fri Jun 25 20:07:23 2004] An untrusted user may not set
   the runtime target users

So if not putting the username work for you, i am very interested in
checking check our both configuration...

Don't hesitate to contact me in order to test your futur work, i will
be happy to give it a try (and not just... a try :).

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