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Peter Ulrich Kruppa root at pukruppa.de
Fri Jun 25 07:09:57 PDT 2004

On Fri, 25 Jun 2004, Franz Klammer wrote:

> Damian Gerow wrote:
>> Thus spake Fernando Sanchez (fsanchez at usfq.edu.ec) [24/06/04 18:07]:
>> : Does anybody knows if xorg ports are working? I just updated my ports
>> : tree before trying to switch from xfree to xorg, but I can't find any of
>> : the ports in my tree, I checked at the http://freebsd.org/ports/  for
>> : the xorg ports, for 5.2.1 there are no ports, for 5.2-current there are
>> : some ports, but no packages. Any help here?
>> The ports are working perfectly.  There's some odd internal dependancies
>> (I d/l'ed the fontserver package, and it depends on XFree86-something),
>> and every time I update a package that depends on something from X11, it
>> just assumes that it's an XFree86-something port that it's reading from, 
>> so
>> I need to 'pkgdb -F'.
> to avoid running pkgdb -F every time and as workaround until all dependencies 
> are correct it's possible to set SANITY_CHECK = false in 
> ${LOCALBASE}/etc/pkgtools.conf
I also thought about setting a list of ALT_PKDEP in
pkgtools.conf . But I am not quite sure if this does what I need.


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