boinc port?

Robin Schoonover end at
Fri Jun 25 06:30:17 PDT 2004

On Fri, Jun 25, 2004 at 10:06:59PM +0930, Shaun Branden wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 24, 2004 at 07:21:03PM -0600, Robin Schoonover wrote:
> > Given the recent attention boinc and seti_boinc have gotten (getting an
> > article on slashdot does that), it wouldn't surprise me if someone was
> > already working on a port, which is why I'm querying the list.
> > (haven't seen any messages yet about it)
> > 
> > I worked on porting them, and I've gotten it both seti at home for boinc
> > -and- boinc themselves to compile.  I have not yet tested to see how well
> > they run.  I also have the ports partially created.
> > If you are already working on it, let me know, so we can figure out who
> > should continue on with the work.
> A port sounds like a great idea. I have compiled boinc and seti_boinc
> (include stdlib.h and assert.h into the .cpp files that spit and use
> gmake).

I didn't even need to put stdlib.h in anywhere (I cringe though, since
something may have changed in -current that'd require this since 5.2.1)
I did see that assert.h was needed though (in diagonistics.h, which

> It is running on my computer, but it is hard to actually tell
> how well as the work unit servers are currently empty.

Weird.  I tested boinc out on a winxp machine at work, it got a bunch
of work units.  I also tried to use the linux binary of boinc on my
FreeBSD box and it worked up to a point.  After a while seti_boinc
seemed to hang and stop saving data (it had an estimated time to
completion of 10 minutes, but had not updated the state file in over
an hour.  I was able to reproduce this with other work units
and times).  (The linux binaries not working properly was the reason
I first looked into porting this natively).

Then again, I find it plausible that they might not have had any work
units when you first started running it, given the recent attention it
has been getting.

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