'make index' failure

Clement Laforet sheepkiller at cultdeadsheep.org
Fri Jun 25 04:06:34 PDT 2004

On Thu, 24 Jun 2004 18:09:58 -0700
Kent Stewart <kstewart at owt.com> wrote:

> Do you have any refuses that would be related. I just built an INDEX on 
> 4.10-stable and didn't have any problem.

It's a typo in mail/maildrop Makefile.
.if defined(WITH_GDBM)
LIB_DEPENDS+=           gdbm.3:${PORTSDIR}/databases/gdb
                                                      ^^^ missing 'm' ;)
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --with-db=gdbm
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --without-db

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