ports/68281: add SPF support for milter-greylist

Cyril Guibourg plonk-o-matic at teaser.fr
Fri Jun 25 01:02:04 PDT 2004

Hello Hajimu,

Hajimu UMEMOTO <ume at freebsd.org> writes:

> Though milter-greylist supports SPF but the port doesn't.

Yep, it was on my todo list :)

> building ports/mail/milter-greylist
> Following patch added two options; WITH_SPF and WITH_SPF_ALT.
> WITH_SPF uses libspf and WITH_SPF_ALT uses libspf-alt.

I've been told that libspf_alt needs a reentrant version of libbind in
order to work fine. Are the available res_* libc routines thread safe ?


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