xmms-jack segfaults and dumps core

Jon Noack noackjr at alumni.rice.edu
Thu Jun 24 23:41:03 PDT 2004

On 06/24/04 23:28, David Yeske wrote:
> I'm not really sure.  Can you get a core dump / back trace?
> --- Jon Noack <noackjr at alumni.rice.edu> wrote:
>> I thought I'd give JACK a shot so I installed it and the xmms-jack
>> port on my -CURRENT box (Thu Jun 24 05:02:09 CDT 2004). I am able
>> to start a JACK server and successfully connect with the
>> jack_simple_test program, but trying to play an mp3 in xmms with
>> the xmms-jack output plugin results in xmms segfaulting. Also,
>> jackd then spams the console it was started on with these messages
>> repeated over and over (while consuming 100% of cpu):
>>	cannot read request from client (0/520/Invalid argument)
>>	could not handle external client request
>> Actually, hitting Ctrl-C in jack_simple_test does the same thing,
>> so I guess jackd doesn't like unexpected disconnects.
>> To ensure I'm not doing something wrong, what is the proper way to
>> use these on FreeBSD? Should I use oss or portaudio? Are there 
>> configuration files? From what I've been able to locate, the 
>> documentation is rather thin. I would greatly appreciate any help.
>> Thanks,
>> Jon Noack

I'll get a core dump and back trace for you (recompiling with -g).  In 
the mean time, is there a set of commands you can send me that should 
work?  For example, how do you generally start the server (what 
arguments do you use and where do you run this from)?  Do you use oss or 
portaudio?  The documentation and howtos I've found have all been 
extremely linux-centric (to be fair, early versions of jack only 
supported alsa and much of the stuff I found was older).

Jon Noack

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