xmms-jack segfaults and dumps core

Jon Noack noackjr at alumni.rice.edu
Thu Jun 24 16:36:58 PDT 2004

I thought I'd give JACK a shot so I installed it and the xmms-jack port 
on my -CURRENT box (Thu Jun 24 05:02:09 CDT 2004).  I am able to start a 
JACK server and successfully connect with the jack_simple_test program, 
but trying to play an mp3 in xmms with the xmms-jack output plugin 
results in xmms segfaulting.  Also, jackd then spams the console it was 
started on with these messages repeated over and over (while consuming 
100% of cpu):

	cannot read request from client (0/520/Invalid argument)
	could not handle external client request

Actually, hitting Ctrl-C in jack_simple_test does the same thing, so I 
guess jackd doesn't like unexpected disconnects.

To ensure I'm not doing something wrong, what is the proper way to use 
these on FreeBSD?  Should I use oss or portaudio?  Are there 
configuration files?  From what I've been able to locate, the 
documentation is rather thin.  I would greatly appreciate any help.

Jon Noack

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