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Thu Jun 24 02:09:10 PDT 2004


2 open (and old) PRs submitting mu-conference: 
(originators cced)

first, for those not familiar with the jabber servers, the two
submissions use different approaches: ports/59861 will install it as a
loadable component for jabber 1.x, requiring and working with net/jabber
only, on the other hand ports/62585 uses http://jabber.terrapin.com/JCR/
to build it as a standalone binary, which makes it work with both
net/jabber (1.x) and net/jabberd (2.x, beta), without requiring any.

i played a bit with both submissions, trying to merge them as a single
"dynamic" port first, then a master/slave setup, but the results were
fairly.. well.. scary things. now while ports/62585 definitely covers a
wider scope, for some (including me), the ports/59861 way might still be
more convenient, making them both, imho, equally useful and worthy to
eventually make it into the tree. yet again, that's just me :).
if any commiter has time to look into it, attached patches feature a few
fixes and enhancements for both submissions (mostly making them a bit
more user friendly, and portlint happy), plus renaming them
net/jabber-mu-conference and net/jabber-mu-conference-jcr respectively.

btw, jabber-mu-conference-jcr still lacks an rc.d script, which we can
add once we eventually decide.

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