update needed for print/fontforge, because current versionbreaks print/lilypond

Lars Erik Gullerud lerik at nolink.net
Wed Jun 23 13:59:02 PDT 2004

On Wed, 23 Jun 2004, Ben Crowell wrote:

> >> [...] There does not appear to be an active maintainer for the
> >> fontforge port, [...]
> >Did you try to reach KANOU Hiroki <kanou at khdd.net>?
> I see -- the port changed its name from ports/pfaedit to ports/fontforge.
> Before a cvsup, Kanou Hiroki was listed as maintainer of pfaedit, but after
> a cvsup, there is no README.html file for the port. Probably he (she?) still
> intends to be the maintainer of the port, and it's just a mistake that he
> isn't listed as maintainer anymore. I'll contact her.

Kanou Hiroki is still listed as the maintainer. Maintainers can be found
in the port's Makefile, look for the "MAINTAINER=" line. The README.html
files are not in CVS, and are only generated for release builds, IIRC.


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