listing as maintainer

Ben Crowell bsdportscrowell04 at
Wed Jun 23 08:07:58 PDT 2004

Some ports have ports at listed as the address of the maintainer.
For instance, the README.html for audio/audacity has this:
    <p>If needed, you may contact the <a href=
    "mailto:ports at">maintainer</a> of this port or the port <a href=
    "mailto:ports at">mailing-list</a>.</p>
I'd like to suggest that if the maintainer of a port doesn't want to list his
own address, READMEs should just read like this:
    <p>If needed, you may contact the  port <a href=
    "mailto:ports at">mailing-list</a>.</p>
The problem is that if all you read is the part where it says "maintainer,"
you can end up sending mail to the list, thinking that it's just going to be
a personal mail to the maintainer. This happened to me recently. Admittedly
you could say it's my own darn fault for not reading more carefully, but
I think most people change their reading habits when cruising through
web pages and computer documentation, and just look for the one piece of
information they need, since there's so much there.

I hope you'll all agree with me that having people post inadvertently to
a list is undesirable, for several reasons:
 1. The netiquette is different when hundreds of people will read
    what you're writing.
 2. The user ends up posting to a list that he doesn't subscribe to. In my own
    case, I didn't even know that the list existed. Even now, I'm posting to
    this list blind, without knowing where it's archived or how to get
 3. Many people, like me, go to great lengths to keep their private e-mail
    addresses from being posted on the public web, so that they won't be
    harvested by spambots. For the present e-mail, for example, I've
    used a disposable address that I can block later if it becomes
    spam-contaminated.  Before I post to a mailing list, I normally
    check carefully whether the addresses of posters are hidden (and I
    also subscribe). AFAICT, the norm these days is not to allow just
    anybody to post to a mailing list by sending an e-mail.

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