I'm not a porter but there are 2 ports I would hate to see go

Palle Girgensohn girgen at pingpong.net
Tue Jun 22 16:19:33 PDT 2004

I built the whole opengroupware native a while back, but then couldn't find 
the time to actually port it. It would require some time, since many parts 
require prerequisites to be installed, and most standard stuff that should 
really be used from standard ports (like gnustep stuff, spidermonkey etc) 
wonät work unless they're built with opengroupware, since they have local 
patches to almost everything. :(

Still, maybe I'll find some time this summer to wrap it up to bunch of 
ports. Would it be worth the effort? Is anyone using it?

BTW, the problem is only with apache2, and also is probably fixed. anybody 
checked it?


--On tisdag, juni 22, 2004 09.49.30 -0500 "Justin L. Boss" 
<justin at cpaaa.org> wrote:

> linux-opengroupware-1.0_1:
> I just think this will be a bad for FreeBSD, we need this one.

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