openoffice 1.1.2 port

epilogue at epilogue at
Mon Jun 21 18:24:31 PDT 2004

hello all,

i'm 98.3% sure that some of you are already busily working away on a port.
but on the off chance that you aren't, heads-up, oo.o released 1.1.2 on
friday last.

though molasses seems to positively froth and rage forth when compared
to the trickle of data which drips down the pipe to the 56k win-modem
anchored to my lowly 700MHz PIII, if you're looking for someone who is
willing to build a package from source on 4.10, consider my hand raised.

the download, build, and upload may take a couple of days - but hey, i'm
offering.  let me know.    :)


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