FreeBSD Port: p3scan-1.0_2

Yura Pylypenko plyrvt at
Mon Jun 21 15:37:00 PDT 2004

p3scan-1.0_2 has a bug in main config file /usr/local/etc/p3scan.conf

"template" is set to default value "/etc/p3scan/p3scan.mail",
while it is in /etc/ directory and should be "/etc/p3scan.mail"

This default config causes p3scan to abort pop3 connection (notify
cannot be sent).

p3scan.c has a line

#define VIRUS_TEMPLATE           "/usr/local/etc/p3scan/p3scan.mail"
but Makefile creates p3scan.* configs directly in "/usr/local/etc/"

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 Yura                          mailto:plyrvt at

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